Bourbon and Whiskey Shot Glasses

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Our Bourbon and Whiskey Shot Glasses to the rescue. Do you have a party coming up but do not have the perfect shot glasses? Are you looking for something attractive yet durable that will survive even after they fall? Then you should get yourself a set of bourbon and whiskey shot glasses from our store.

Top Features

Made from robust and high-quality materials – When you serve your guests a glass of their favorite drink, you do not have to worry about them breaking your glasses.

Clearly demarcated G-Mark – Are you worried about pouring your customers more than they have paid for? With our glasses, you will not risk losing some of the golden liquid due to unclear demarcations. We have in stock bourbon and whiskey shot glasses with various delineations including 1.5 and 2 ounces. These allow you to serve each person as per what they have paid for without fretting about making any losses caused by serving customers more than they ought to receive.

Thick base and sides for the ultimate safety and luxury – No one enjoys a hot glass of liquor. The heavy base and overly thick sides ensure that your drink does not become warm while you hold it in your hands. Instead, it maintains its temperature, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of luxury while you sip your drink. Also, this feature is essential when it comes to safety since these bourbon and whiskey shot glasses will not break even when they fall.

They come in different packages of 6’s and 12’s – whether you want six or twelve glasses, the choice is yours. You have the liberty of picking the quantity that you desire depending on how much you have.


Multifunctional – These glasses are useful in containing all types of drinks. However, they can also be used in holding desserts during weddings and other special events.

Dishwasher safe – You don’t need to keep yourself occupied trying to clean one glass at a time. These glasses have a thick base which allows them to be washed in the dishwasher without the fear of breaking them.

Attractive designs – You have the liberty of picking a design that attracts you. Whether it has a pattern or it is plain, we have all these in stock.

Plenty of colors in store – You can get your favorite bourbon and whiskey shot glasses in the color of your choice. In case you prefer the plain ones, you can take advantage of the available variety at your convenience.

Quality guaranteed – Unlike some of the glasses available in the market, these do not break. You have a guarantee that these bourbon and whiskey shot glasses will last for long. In case you express your dissatisfaction within the specified time, we will offer you a refund if your funds, or replace them for you.

Free shipping – regardless of where you live, we will deliver your order to your doorstep. You have to place an order early enough if you want the same day delivery to take place.

In case you want to surprise someone with a gift, we will pack them attractively ensuring that they receive a good looking package.