Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Whiskey

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Whiskey offers great appeal for an array of reasons including its great and varied taste, the calming effect it can have after a stressful day at work, it’s low-calorie content, its unique blend and its rich history as a long-loved drink. However, there’s a few facts we’re sure will surprise you about the popular spirit.


  1. It’s Literally The Water of Life

Did you know in Irish, whiskey is known as uisce beatha and in the Gaelic language, whiskey is called uisge beatha? When translated, this means water of life. Such a name seems entirely fitting as whiskey holds international status as an appealing addition to everyday life.

  1. It Supports Local Economies

In 2018, the Scottish Whiskey Associating (SWA) revealed Blended Scotch Whiskey reached a total of £3bn in total revenue. This astounding figure reflects just how influential and effective the export of whiskey has been in supporting the local economy of Scotland.

This also illustrates how whiskey has provided employment opportunities within industries such as distilleries where the whiskey is made as well as in the trade of exports and imports. The popularity of whiskey also has a positive effect on improving Scotland’s international reputation by enabling the country to be seen as a successful global trader.

  1. A Single Bottle Was Sold For £848,000

In 2018, at the exorbitant price of £848,000 at an Edinburgh auction, a whiskey bottle was successfully sold. The purchased whiskey was a 1926 Macallan Valerio Adami. With its vintage as well as its detailed artwork, taste and unique blend, the whiskey was considered a rarity and prized possession amongst those in the know. Thus, it’s no surprise the whiskey was sold for such a high price.

The reality that whiskey can receive such a significant amount of money reflects just how highly regarded, valuable and well-liked the spirit remains. For many people, it’s safe to say whiskey is considered far more than a simple alcoholic drink to savor.