The Rising Popularity of Bourbon

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It’s safe to say the popularity of bourbon is on the rise and reaching unprecedented levels of economic growth, as reflected by an array of studies. According to one particular study, bourbon is particularly popular among millennial’s due to the rise of cocktail culture which places a focus on the mixing of spirits to create innovative and exciting drinks. An article released  by The Telegraph suggests the rise of bourbon is due to popular culture and a reminiscing of previous eras thanks to shows such as Madmen and Boardwalk Empire.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear bourbon has experienced a growth in both sales and popularity. That’s why we’ve created this article to explore what’s behind the surge in popularity and what reasons have contributed to the bourbon boom.

  1. Popular Culture & Mainstream Media

The media we consume has an immediate and pervasive impact on how we view the world, formulate our ideas, determine our socio-cultural values and define what is normal.

Thus, to a certain extent, it could be suggested that the internationally successful series such as Mad Men and Boardwalk which present bourbon in an attractive light could act as a form of product placement and advertising. This consequently influences and assists the popularity of bourbon. After all, what we see on the screen can easily become the life we wish to to reinvent off the screen.

  1. Cocktail Culture & Millennial’s

A determining factor in influencing the culture of millennial’s is the digital environment in which they’ve been raised. Consequently, it’s never been easier to access information, share ideas online and present certain ways of living through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

This digital environment enables movements to spread like wildfire including the rise of cocktail culture. Consequently, the demand for spirits such as bourbon has increased significantly as Instagram feeds depict aesthetically pleasing cocktails. As millennial’s have a very real and influential impact on what is fashionable and what’s not, millennial’s’ cocktail culture has definitely not hindered the rise of bourbon.

  1. Taste & Prestige

Without a doubt, bourbon is sought after for its unique taste, rich blend and aromatic qualities. Unlike beer which can be seen as a causal and inexpensive drink that is popular among all socio-economic groups, bourbon has earnt itself a reputation as being associated with the high-flying, upper class.

This reputation has resulted in the presentation of bourbon as a spirit of prestige, luxury and wealth. Despite the reality that anyone is able to savor a glass of high-quality bourbon, the overarching connotations that go hand in hand with bourbon definitely have a positive effect on influencing and assisting its economic growth. Those consuming bourbon can rely on the fact that a well-made bottle will not only offer great taste and flavor but also a great feeling too.